Gustumbo will design your vision, evaluate your assets, research your target market, build your content, schedule your campaign and convert your leads.

Mind our As and Qs

When was Gustumbo Founded?


Who owns Gustumbo?

Jason Kelly, a long-time desert inhabitant and terrible stand-up comedian.

Why are you in business?

I like to win. Especially when there is an opportunity to contribute through often over-looked marketing strategies.

Who is your target customer?

We can create marketing campaigns, rebrands and produce materials for businesses of all sizes. Our sweet spot seems to be teams of 10 people or more.

Can you really help us?

Yes, and we offer many money back guarantee programs depending on the service you are looking for. We can’t make magic, but we can design a pretty nifty fly trap.

Do you offer payment terms?

We accept debit, credit, cashier checks and AHC transfers. We have monthly programs depending on the level of service you are looking for.

How do you select your vendors?

We select our vendors based on need and reliability. Some are great at building social content, others are better at scheduling it.

What does Gustumbo mean?

Gustumbo is combination of two cartoon characters from early Disney movies. Gus from Cinderella and Dumbo. Really.

How do you reach the help desk?

Click Here.

What's a MSP?

A Managed Service Provider. Hiring us to plot out your advertising and marketing  set to an automated schedule with accountability for deliverables qualifies us a MSP.

Why do we need a MSP?

We can replace or train your marketing employees with our turn-key training system. Hiring us is usually cheaper than hiring someone.

Apple, Windows or Android?

Mark our words. IoT is about Android.

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